Powerlifting - Wednesday 1.3.18

This is the start of a new cycle. Like most powerlifting programs, this will work based on linear progressions. I'd suggest starting light and increasing the weight anywhere between 0-10 (yes, 0) pounds per week depending on the lift. Give yourself room to grow. 

The weights should be the same for all sets. They should be hard, but like mentioned above, with plenty of wiggle room. 75-80% of your most recent 1RM is a good starting point. 

Bench Press - 3x6
Barbell Row - 3x6 (AHAP)
Press - 1x6 (AHAP) 
Weighted Pull-Up - 6RM
Alternating DB Curl - 3x8-12
Tricep Push-Down - 3x8-12

100 hollow rocks + 100 situps