Week 5

Day 1 

A. Squat - 3x5@82.5%

B. Bench - 3x5@82.5%

C.  Ring Dips - 3x10 - add weight if possible  

D. Hang Power Snatch - 5x3 - fast and snappy 

D. Heavy Wall-Balls - AMRAP 3 minutes

E. 3x20 t2b/strict leg raises

Day 2

A. Press - 3x5@82.5%

B. Deadlift - 3x5@82.5%

C. Barbell Curl 6-6-6-6

D.  Strict Pull-Ups - 3x12

Day 3

A. Switch Style Squat - 3x5@82.5%(of this lift's 1RM)

B. Inside Grip Bench Press - 3x5@82.5% (of incline BP max) 

C. Barbell Front Raises 3x8

D. 550m Farmer Carry - 50/35#

E. Barbell/KB Hip Thrusts - 3x10  

Day 4

A. Switch Stance Deadlift (opposite of your primary) - 3x5@82.5% (of this lift's 1RM) 

B. DB Pull-Over 3x10

C. Barbell Drag Curl 3x10

D. Face Pulls - 3x20

E. 3x60s weighted plank