Week 8

Day 1 

A. Squat - 2x3@90%

B. Bench - 2x3@90%

C. Deficit Push-Ups - 5xmax - rest 60s between sets

D. Heavy DB Skull Crushers - 3x8 

D. Seated Wall-Balls - Heavy - 3x10 - throw as high as possible

E. 3x20 t2b/strict leg raises

Day 2

A. Press - 2x3@90%

B. Deadlift - 2x3@90%

C. Muscle Up Practice - 5-10 minutes

D. Weighted Chin-Ups - 1RM ; 3x10 at bodyweight

E. 100 sit-ups for time  

Day 3

A. Switch Style Squat - 2x3@90%

B. Inside Grip Bench Press - 2x3@90%

C. Handstand Push-Up Practice or Tempo Push-Up Practice - 10 minutes

D. Static DB Holds - accumulate 3 minutes with minimal breaks 

E. Odd Object Clean - 3x10

Day 4

A. Switch Stance Deadlift (opposite of your primary) - 2x3@90%

B. Superman Row - 3x10

C. Drag Curls - 8x8 with 20s rest between sets - goal is for each set to be unbroken

D. One Arm DB Row - 3x10 (each arm) 

E. Band Pull-Aparts - 3x20

F. 5x60s weighted plank - after each set perform 20 Hollow Rocks