Week 6

Day 1

Emotmx 10 - 12 hollow rocks, 6 t2b

back squat - 5x1- add 5-10 pounds to last weeks working sets 

amrap 5 - tempo pushups - down slow, 1 second pause 1” off floor, explode up  

deadlift - 5x1- aim to add 2-5 pounds depending on feel

Circuit / 3x12 pendlay row - after each set - 30s weighted wall-sit  

Day 2

10 wall walks, 60s plank, 5 wall walks, 120s plank, 1-2 minute hold from pull-up bar 

banded sumo deadlifts 10x2 after each set perform 4 burpees over bar as fast as possible - rest 1-2 between sets  

bottom up front squats - 3x6 - moderate weight and no bouncing off “arms” 

10 rounds strict “Cindy”  

Day 3

10 minutes to practice levers - use any assistance necessary 

back squat - heavy single / this is not a max attempt - it should be a bit heavier than day 1 

jumping back squats - 5x10 at 50%, after each set perform a 30-60s one legged stability hold on foam pad (each leg) 

single leg db deadlift - 3x8 (each leg)

weighted leg raise x10

burpee pull-ups x 10

hollow rocks x 15

5 rounds 

Day 4

10s max effort, 50s rest

20s max effort, 40s rest  

30s max effort, 30s rest  

40s max effort, 20s rest  

50s max effort  

use cardio machine of choice